* I was born just outside of Boston
* I have borderline personality disorder…but try super hard to hide it the best I can
* I love watching hockey and soccer
* I am retired from the United States Coast Guard
* I am 34 and suffered a stroke 3 years ago due to a torn carotid artery
* I used to be fat….no really I was
* I married the only amazing man on this planet, sorry ladies
* I have a soft spot for sweets….that soft spot is my belly!
* spent 3 years living in Hawaii
* Western Samoa is the most amazing country we have
* one day I will see the aurora borealis
* I’m totally new at this blogging thing and really hope to inspire people with it
* we own two Australian shepherds who have the best personalities and the smartest      German Shepherd in the world
* I’m at the gym 5 days a week, regardless of my motivation level
* I hope you enjoy reading all these bits of info!

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