Long Overdue update

So it’s probably been a year since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve bounced between doing just healthy recipes, fitness routines, or a little bit of everything. I can’t really figure out what people enjoy reading the most, or if anyone even reads this at all! I suppose now that we are buying a house, I can throw that into the mix of crap I post about. Maybe some life hacks on how to deal with stuff that comes up when your a first time home owner. I tend to search google a lot and try to find tricks to make things easier.

new house firepit

I’ve never really had anyone comment about wanting to know more about fitness. And because of that I’ve learned giving advice is a moot point. From here on out I may instead make the switch to reviewing travel places. Hubby and I travel a lot, sometimes just road trips and other times on vacation. I think for now, I’ll post about those, packing tips, places, and pictures of where we go. Thanks for reading!


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