Fitness Facts: Squats

🔹Squats are arguably the single best exercise to build the thighs and glutes. 🔹60% of human muscle mass is located in the legs, & squats use almost all these leg muscles in unison. 🔹Because they work so many muscle groups simultaneously, squats are also one of the highest calorie burning exercises.
🔹Ab contractions that occur during a squat can be more beneficial than crunches! They also help strengthen the lower back & can help improve posture.
🔹Most athletic injuries involve weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments & connective tissues. Body weight exercises like squats can help strengthen these & help prevent injury.
🔹To practice proper squat form, try sitting on a chair or bench that is about knee height. Stand up with your feet planted hip distance apart & knees in alignment with your ankles. Sit back down & repeat. Doing 10-20 reps of this can help your body get used to the movement, & eventually you can just tap the seat with your hips instead of sitting.
🔹Some of the most common form mistakes during squats are descending too rapidly, leaning the torso too far forward, rounding the back, buckling the knees in toward each other, or letting the knees shift too far forward.
🔹Distributing more weight into the heels of the feet helps provide a more stable base, which allows for more muscle activation- so focus on keeping your heels on the floor & leaning your hips back. This also helps target the glute muscles more!
🔹There are many versions of squats, & each has different benefits. Some examples are barbell squats, which incorporate upper body muscles, sumo squats, which target the inner thighs, & 1-legged squats, which strengthen each leg individually. Changing up your squat exercises can be a great way to increase the benefits & results.

Try this workout to help improve your squats:


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