Leg Routine that Will Leave you Wobbly

Recently we conducted a survey from our readers on what they would like to see in future blog posts. You can take the survey yourself here. Your answers will help us better define our material!

The majority of readers wanted more workout routines, recipes and coming in third was supplement reviews. The top three muscles people wanted to see routines for were legs, back and biceps was a close third. Today we will post up a great leg workout. This one normally takes me 1.5-2 hours to complete as I usually throw in some calf exercises at the end. I enjoy working out legs as long as possible. Some will argue that less is more and you don’t need to be in the gym more than 45 min for a good workout. I say do what works for you. If 2 hours is your limit, do 2 hours, if you can go heavy and quick for 45 min, do that. The Leg routine is called “Thunder Quad”:

1. Leg extensions x 20/ Bodyweight squat x 50

This is a super set. Perform the leg extensions then get off and go right into the body weight squats. Do this set FIVE times.

2. Leg curls x 50/ walking lunges with dumbbell for 1 minute

Pick a weight you normally would do 20 leg curls with, and get it to 50. then grab some dumbbells and do walking lunges for a minute. Do this set FIVE times……yes we said five

3. Barbell Squat for 5 minutes

Pick a weight that’s either 70% of your max or something that is moderately challenging for you. Keep the bar on your back the whole time, but try to do this for five minutes, don’t count the reps. Do this ONCE.

4. Leg press x10/ calf press x20

Self explanatory. Do all three positions for calves: toes neutral, toes out and toes in. Do this set THREE times.

5. Leg extension x100

Go back to the weight you used at the beginning that got you to 20, man up, and do 100.

6. Wall Squat

Wall squat as long as you can. By this time, it shouldn’t be for very long. If you last more than a minute, you didn’t go hard enough on the rest of the exercises.

I like to finish up with some seated calf raises, ab and adductor machine and some brief cardio after. The cardio will help with the lactic acid build up later and should allow for your legs to not be as sore the next day.

Try to do this workout twice a week if you need work on your legs, otherwise once a week should be ok. Let us know how you did after you try it!!

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