My Turkey is Still Frozen!

This was my reaction this morning, Wednesday, November 27, 2013. I bought it monday and the turkey is only a 13lb bird. Granted, it’s ony feeding 3 people but I am a fan of left overs and at 21g of protein a serving, how can you NOT want more! So I did what I normally do in this case and googled the crap out of this pickle I put myself in. Everyone says do NOT thaw a turkey at room temperature as this allows for bacteria to grow and fester in that delicious bird that could have you puking it all up later on that day. The Butterball Hotline, yes, this exists (1-800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372)) or Click Here says you can give your scrumptious bird a cold water bath by placing it in a sink or 5 gallon bucket and giving it 30 min per lb of turkey to thaw. They say to change out the water every 30 min so it doesn’t get to room temperature.

Now, I am baking my apple pie today ahead of time and need the sink to clean all those dirty dishes I created. I needed an alternative to putting the bird in the sink. Low and behold, I found an idea! I went into the garage and grabbed our fishing cooler (no worries, it’s clean) and brought it outside. I placed that turkey right in the cooler, turned on the hose and filled the cooler with cold water. I also added two trays of ice cubes to give it an extra chill:


It should take about 6 hours to thaw and at that point I will place it back into the fridge until tomorrow morning! What a live saver! Did I mention this is the first time cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving by myself??

Here are the recipes I’m using to season the turkey and side dishes:

Turkey Seasoning

Sage and Sausage Stuffing

Green Bean Casserole

Crash Hot Potatoes



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