Fitness Facts: The Sun

Fitness Facts: THE SUN:
🔹One of the main health benefits humans get from sun exposure is vitamin D. This vitamin is great at pairing up with other vitamins & nutrients to help improve their absorption & function.
🔹Vitamin D helps vitamin C be absorbed, which can help the body have higher levels of energy & a stronger immune system. Calcium is better absorbed when paired with vitamin D as well, so bone density & strength is also improved with more sun exposure.
🔹Vitamin D stimulates the production of serotonin, the brain chemical that controls moods- so sun exposure can help make you happier!
🔹Sunlight stimulates testosterone & estrogen production, which help regulate many things including energy, muscle building & fat production, and even sex drive.
🔹Sunlight exposure increases your melatonin output at night- which means better sleep!
🔹Some harmful bacteria die when exposed to direct sunlight, so being in the sun is a great way to help improve skin cleanliness & health.
🔹There are many other benefits from moderate sun exposure, including increased circulation, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, increased metabolism, and a healthier liver & kidneys. It also decreases risk of heart attack, stroke, and even type-2 diabetes!
🔹Of course too much sun can be dangerous for the skin! The amount of time recommended for daily sun exposure varies depending on many factors, but 15-30 minutes is considered an average minimum amount of time.
🔹On days where you’re going to get direct sunlight, apply sun block 30 minutes before you go out with at least SPF 30, and apply more throughout the day if you’re out for longer than 2 hours. Sunglasses are recommended any time you are exposed to bright sunlight.

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