A Personal Insight…

So as some of you know by now I suffered a stroke and artery dissection (tear for those of us medically challenged folk) about three months ago. Now, my posts haven’t been much on a personal level even though I’ve tried to post regularly. I want this blog to be a place for people to come to for workout advice, Primal or Paleo recipes, information on strokes and/or PTSD sufferers. I’m about to embark on cognitive behavioral therapy and would like to use this as a source for other to come to for information, inspiration, or motivation. So if any readers out there know so done who knows someone that could use assistance in ANY of these areas, send them on over. I’m not a professional personal trainer or licensed psychologist, but I do provide plenty of life experience, that has to count somewhere right?

As far as workouts go mine are nonexistent at the moment. I am. To allowed much more than the sit down bike so what I would love to do is help people with their workouts or diets. If you read back through my past posts, it’s clear I was a fat kid. And if I’m not careful about my diet that’s where I’ll end up again (Krispy Kreme donuts are chanting my name so e where, I can hear them!)

I’ll leave you all with a little motivation to get your week going in the gym




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