Fitness Facts: Peanut Butter

Fitness Facts: PEANUT BUTTER
🔹Peanut butter can be a great addition to a healthy diet when eaten in moderation.
🔹Peanuts are high in many nutrients, especially protein- but they are also high in calories and fat.
🔹The good news is the mono- and polyunsaturated oils contained in peanut butter are the “healthy” type of fat. Not only are they less likely to be stored as body fat, but moderate amounts can actually lower bad cholesterol & help prevent heart disease!
🔹Peanut butter also contains many vitamins and minerals, including folate, magnesium, vitamin E & zinc. These nutrients help maintain the immune system, as well as reduce the risk of both heart disease & type-2 diabetes.
🔹The protein and fiber contained in peanut butter produce a more satiating, or filling, effect on the stomach. This is a quality that makes peanut butter an excellent snack.
🔹The healthiest type of peanut butter to consume is organic. Ideally there should just be 2 ingredients: peanuts & salt. Stay away from any with partially hydrogenated oils, and remember most brands of low-fat peanut butter are loaded with extra sugar, sweeteners or carbs.
🔹Crunchy peanut butter generally offers more nutrients than the smooth kind- including an average 30% more fiber!
🔹Although peanut butter has many health benefits don’t forget it can still be high in calories! Moderate consumption is considered 2 tablespoons a day- & just 1 tablespoon avg is 120 calories.
🔹Try adding some regular or powdered peanut butter to your meal replacement or protein shake for extra flavor & nutrients!


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