Fitness Facts: Glutes!!

Fitness Facts: GLUTES
🔹Glutes is short for Gluteals, which are a group of 3 muscles that make up the buttocks and consist of the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, & gluteus maximus.
🔹The glutes are the largest & strongest muscle group in the human body.
🔹Around 68% of the glutes are comprised of slow-twitch muscle fibers, which react best to low weight, high rep exercises. One of the best ways to develop the glutes is to start with the low rep heavier compound leg exercises (ex: squats, deadlifts, or lunges), then transition to isolation with low weight and high rep (ex: walking lunges, lateral band walks, rear kicks… etc).
🔹Excessive sitting or standing can often lead to tight hip flexors, imbalanced quadricep strength, and tight hamstrings. This can lead to injury, poor posture, or chronic lower back pain. Strengthening the glutes can help prevent a lot of these negative effects.
🔹Well balanced glutes not only look better, but can also help exercise performance! Running speed, jump height, and balance can all be improved with stronger glutes.
🔹The heels are the base of the feet that support the majority of the glutes in most standing exercises (squats, deadlifts, lunges… etc), so generally if more energy is driven down into the heels, the more the glutes will be activated.
🔹Here are some of the best exercises to work the 3 glute muscles: squats or deadlifts for the gluteus maximus, 1-legged deadlifts or lunges for the gluteus medius, and lateral band walks or side-lying leg lifts for the gluteus minimus.
🔹Stair climbing, walking lunges, & sprinting are great cardio exercises that also target the glutes.


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