Why Am I So Fat?!


Have you ever felt like doing this? I’m almost positive I have actual performed this feat at one point. I used to clear a package of double stuffed Oreo cookies no problem. Ben and Jerry’s? I could eat that pint faster than you could take it away from me!


Then the next day would be followed by this….

Anyone ever feel like that in the morning?? It’s hard to break the cycle of eating because you feel bad and then feeling bad because you ate. The truth is, most of us use food as comfort, there’s a reason they coined it comfort food. It creeps up on you before you know it and one day you’re in the shower and you look down and your feet have disappeared!


However all is not lost!! As I said before, I used to weight 160lbs. If you are reading this for the first time….here’s an example:

Head on over to my post Fat Kid Living Inside Me for more fat kid pictures (you know you’re dying to see them!)
I can proudly say that now, 6 years later, I’m 120lbs (don’t panic, it only took 8 months to get to that weight, I’ve kept it off for 6 years) and I now look like this:

Special thanks goes out to my amazing husband for being the source of my inspiration, the motivation behind my drive, and the completion to my life!
Here is a small list of success tips I have that will help motivate you all through your journeys:


Happy hump day everyone!


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