Life’s Surprises

DSC_0270June 26, 2013 started as any other normal day until 9 am arrived. This was the day I made a second trip to the Emergency Room for some pretty weird symptoms. Let me back it up a week. On June 20th I was driving with another co-worker to a meeting when I lost vision in my left eye. Not being a stranger to miraines with auras I shrugged it off and kept driving as I could still see mostly. A few minutes later I lost control and movement in my right hand. yeah, you read that correcly. Did I forget to mention I’m only 31?? Within 10 minutes all the “stroke symptoms” subsided and I carried on with my day wondering what just happened.
Long story short on June 26th I could hear my pulse in my left ear and decided to return to the ER to figure out what was going on. After being admitted we were informed the next day that I suffered from a Carotid Artery Dissection. I tore the inner lining of my carotid in two places and did in fact suffer a stroke a week prior. I was rushed to the ICU and Cath Lab where a 2.3 inch long stent was inserted into the back of my head. Needless to say I am one lucky girl!
This blog will be dedicated to my continuing fitness and healthy lifestyle while helping others who might be going through similar situations. I can no longer lift heavier than 20lbs for the rest of my life and this hugely impacts my workout routines. So the search for new and innovative workouts continues all while following the Primal Diet…wait…Primal Diet? What is that? Stay tuned to find out!


4 thoughts on “Life’s Surprises

    • That’s exactly what the doctors said! I have no paralysis or neurological damage! Just have to make some lifestyle changes and make sure it doesn’t happen again! Thanks for checking out my blog!! Hope you follow along!

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