Back on Track

Once again it’s been long over due. This time, I’m going to focus this blog on my daily workouts, diet, primal tips (I’m still new at it) and keep it more like a daily journal to keep me accountable. I don’t know how many people read this, or even know it exists, but I figured … More Back on Track

Long Overdue update

So it’s probably been a year since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve bounced between doing just healthy recipes, fitness routines, or a little bit of everything. I can’t really figure out what people enjoy reading the most, or if anyone even reads this at all! I suppose now that we are buying a house, I … More Long Overdue update

Fitness Facts: push-ups

PUSH UPS 🔹The primary muscles targeted in pushups are the pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and triceps. But there are also many other muscle groups used during pushups, such as the quads & core, which make this a total body exercise. 🔹Total body exercises generally can produce a greater calorie burn than isolation exercises, & create … More Fitness Facts: push-ups

Fitness Facts: Squats

SQUATS 🔹Squats are arguably the single best exercise to build the thighs and glutes. 🔹60% of human muscle mass is located in the legs, & squats use almost all these leg muscles in unison. 🔹Because they work so many muscle groups simultaneously, squats are also one of the highest calorie burning exercises. 🔹Ab contractions that … More Fitness Facts: Squats

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